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August 14, 2018, 01:51:15 PM
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News: August 8, 2018: For whose that are sceptics or know little about this type of project: all tasks that the admin make inside of the hosting account/server are protected by https protection.

August 2, 2018: Privacy of use: is being evaluated the possibility that the document of the group: Terms (conditions of use) & Privacy policy only be available for the users of the websites of the group. The user account will be create and the user will accept the totality of the content of the website/s (and forum if is a premium user that want use it) including the pages/articles/documents, of the group, with the use of the account and/or will can eliminate it, anytime, in the section Personal details of the account if not accept the totality of the content of the website/s.
You can choose your preference regarding to this matter clicking the option that you prefer:
- document available only for users
- document also available for visitors.
The result of the votes not will originate the final decision.

July 27, 2018: Advancing in the affair of the datapackages, Part of the document of the group: Terms (conditions of use) & Privacy policy and of the email from the Pennyclicks.info/forum that informs regarding to the oportunity of purchase the datapackages (includes the unique username, of the member of the project):
Tenga en cuenta que si usted realiza compras en un website del grupo cuyo destino de ventas no se corresponde con su localización para evitar el pago del impuesto al consumo ya que el website no lo recauda (0% of Vat): es usted quién sabe y acepta que está realizando una compra incorrecta (fraudulenta) ya que el website le informa al respecto durante el proceso de compra. Además usted también es informado mediante el presente texto de que su país podrá reclamarle las cantidades que no haya pagado por dicho impuesto tal y como sucede cuando se reclaman las tasas de entrada al país a través de aduana a las compras que proceden de países externos. Al margen de las políticas que apliquen las administraciones locales: las compras de este tipo que sean detectadas causarán la eliminación de la cuenta de usuario de manera inmediata y sin aviso (el website hará y guardará una captura de pantalla o foto con el motivo: sección My warnings). La eliminación de cuentas no origina la eliminación de las comisiones que se generaron con las compras realizadas a través de ella.

July 20, 2018: Included in the Referrals section of the websites in where is possible create user accounts through the datapackages purchased:
You have create your downline with datapackages and your list of referrals not is fully correct? Send an Internal private message to admin (inside of the next month since of the reception of the datapackages) with the Subject: incorrect referrals, including the datapackage number that figure in the link of the datapackage/s that you purchased and the username & email of the referral/s account/s that not was possible create because already had been created and the Referrer/Upline of the user account/s will be changed for what the account/s be part of your downline. Per each incorrect request of change of upline in a referral account will be discounted in the balance of your user account 0,45 (units monetaries of the currency that uses the website) according with the section My warnings (the user account statistics never are manipulated by persons and the sending of the subtraction of balance to the statistics of the account will be done generating the corresponding annotation in the activity of the account).
The internal messages will be replied/answered immediately after of that their content be proccessed.
After of aprox. 40 days since the sending, to his buyer, of the link that content the datapackage: will can to be eliminated for that already not be visible.

Part of the point 1 of the document of the group Terms (conditions of use) & Privacy policy (in spanish, original text): Todos los emails/messages recibidos a través de los Subjects que constan en este documento o en las secciones de los websites son replicados/contestados inmediatamente después de ser tramitado su contenido. Existe la posibilidad de solicitar internal expedients (cuando el usuario piensa que un pedido/order no fue correctamente procesado) de acuerdo con el contenido del punto 18 de este documento.

July 19, 2018: Regarding to the affair of June 21, 2018: The point 19 of the document of the group Terms (conditions of use) & Privacy policy already was updated for that his content includes (in spanish, original text): Los miembros del foro Pennyclicks.info/forum contaron con la posibilidad de eliminar/borrar/cancelar su cuenta a través de la sección Profile del foro hasta la fecha 18/7/18 (fecha en la que comenzó la elaboración de los datapackages). Los emails que los miembros registrados en el proyecto pueden recibir a través de dicho foro no son enviados con respecto a sus datos personales.

May 21, 2018: Having in to account the current estimations about the admin/s tasks is possible that Legalclik.com have to wait for be opened in a future and that initially be opened: Surfingcrazy.info, Egypt-ptc.info, Whale-ptc.info, Pennyclicks.info and Offi-clik.info (Thus not will exist internal transfers between legalclik.com and offi-clik.info).
The initial price of the data packages is being calculated taking into account this circumstance (are you a member of this project from a country that not belong to the European Union and have you interest in the issue of the DATA PACKAGES? Consult this link: Regarding the DATA PACKAGES issue: goes per good way).

February 1, 2018: With almost all probability the start of the activity of the group of websites will be made without the Egypt-ptc.info Shop zone be activate to avoid the copy of its conditions of use and will be activated when the group of websites has a certain level of activity.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Copyright © Surfingcrazy.info group of websites (Clik-land.com).

 Advancing much: Admin contatc email: admin@surfingcrazy.info


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