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March 25, 2019. 01:26:50
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News: **********Currently through this forum (Offi-clik.info) also is possible make the register in the project (was activated because the size of Pennyclicks.info/forum already is very big). When this function be finished this forum will be again one of the forums of the group whose function is make possible the use of the resources that provide the memberships of the websites of the group.**********

March 23, 2019: Current phase of the project (other of the previous steps of the start-up of the activity): Study of the current vulnerabilities that could exist in the functioning of the websites of the group in accordance with his document: Terms (conditions of use) &  Privacy policy; as is logic exist some vulnerabilities and already are being eliminated.

March 20, 2019: Revised the affair of March 18, 2019 and added in the websites of the group that:
- When an user of a country bordering/neighbour of the European Union be rewarded by the website through the point 1 and/or 23 (also figure in the point 30) of the document of the group Terms (conditions of use) & Privacy policy: the user will be rewarded in the account that uses in Surfingcrazy.info (with the same username that figures in the internal email received) and will be informed about it replying the internal email received.
- Finally the reward of 5000 points of the point store that figures in the point 23 of the document of the group: Terms & Privacy policy was replaced for 75.000 credits of Featured Banner Ad Rotation Views (230x200px). 
- When an user send to the website/admin an internal email through the section Support/Contact of Pennyclicks.info but the user not can make the Login in the website because is user of the group of websites from a country that is bordering/neighbour of the European Union: the user must include in the content of the internal email (not are personal data): the name of the website of the group in where is user, the email address that appears in the section Personal details of the user account of such website and the username of the account; because the Login not was made and Pennyclicks.info not will find such information in the user accounts through the Ip of the session, keep in mind that the website will include the Ip from where was sent the internal email in the data that is generated with its send.
Already updated the points 1, 23, 26 and 30 in the Terms & Privacy policy of the group and the secction Support/Contact of Pennyclicks.info.

March 18, 2019:
*Also added in the point 6 of the document of the group Terms (conditions of use) & Privacy policy:
Además el estudio de los riesgos fiscales/tributarios de la actividad de los websites y foros del grupo, relacionados con el destino de ventas de cada website, hace que en los websites del grupo en los que será posible crear cuentas de usuario a través de los datapackages (Pennyclicks.info y Offi-clik.info) no sea posible la creación de cuentas de usuario desde los países limítrofes/vecinos de la Unión Europea. En el punto 20 de este documento figura de manera clara lo que cada usuario sabe/acepta/autoriza con respecto a la problemática que podría originarse a través de compras realizadas desde territorios de la Unión Europea.
*In the email/s that will receive the members of the project that not have activated the forum account for receive communications from the project (includes the management policy of the datapackages) figure the texts:
EXAMPLE OF PROFILE OF BUYER OF DATAPACKAGES (in Spanish, the original text that will prevail over translations that can be made of it):
PURCHASE ADVANTAGE IN THE INITIAL DATAPACKAGES (in Spanish, the original text that will prevail over translations that can be made of it):

February 28, 2019: Part of the point 6 of the document of the group: Terms (conditions of use) & Privacy policy (in spanish, original text):Los websites del grupo: Surfingcrazy.info, Egypt-ptc.info y Whale-ptc.info se reservan la posibilidad/derecho de restringir el uso de IPs dinámicas para evitar riesgos con respecto a las posibilidades de recibir sanciones originadas a través de compras realizadas desde territorios de la Unión Europea. Si esta posibilidad es aplicada dichos websites funcionarán de la siguiente manera: si el IP de registro en el website (creación de la cuenta de usuario) y el IP desde el que se intenta acceder a la cuenta no coinciden el Login (acceso a la cuenta de usuario) no será posible. En los websites del grupo está permitida la creación de más de una cuenta de usuario por IP.
February 19, 2019: Added other motive of notice to the website/admin that will be rewarded, now are 16.
February 15, 2019: The document of the group: Terms (conditions of use) & Privacy policy includes in the point 24 [Copyrights (©) & brand safety concept] 15 motives of notice/advise to the website/admin that will be rewarded with 0.18 & (per each ad or user account deleted) in the user account that the user uses in Pennyclicks.info ((the income of the reward will be made in such a way that be generates the corresponding annotation in the activity of the user account of the user rewarded and without the statistics of the account be manipulated, by persons). The users will have available three options for that it be possible.
In Spanish, original text: Part of the point 24 of the document of the group: Terms (conditions of use) & Privacy policy:
Además aquellos usuarios que avisen al website/admin con respecto a:
... 15 motivos de aviso;
serán recompensados en la cuenta que el usuario use en Pennyclicks.info con 0.18 unidades monetarias por cada anuncio o cuenta de usuario eliminados (el ingreso de la recompensa será realizado de manera que genere la correspondiente anotación en la actividad de la cuenta del usuario recompensado y sin que las estadísticas de la cuenta sean manipuladas, por personas). Para que esto sea posible los usuarios tienen disponibles las siguientes opciones:
- .
February 6, 2019: Part of the content of the email that includes the affair of the purchase of datapackages (the email that will be sent to the members of the project that not have activated the forum account):
* The creation of all accounts of the project (member accounts of the forum Pennyclicks.info/forum) selected for be part of the initiall datapackages is previous to the initiall concept of the creation of the datapackages.
January 2, 2019: The configurations of the forums of the group, that will be available for make use of the memberships of the websites of the group, already was chosen regarding the content of the document Terms (conditions of use) & Privacy policy and the adaptation of communicaions of the forums of the group to the privacy laws already is being made.
2019 already began. Happy new year.

December 20, 2018: In the websites of the group: the ads availables through the earnings area are listed including his Ad id and the records that generate the reports that the user can send to the website/admin regarding the ads availables in such earnings area include the modality of the ad and his ad id. Keep in mind that when an ad is deleted the website also generate records about the ad id deleted and regarding the user account that created and deleted it. The sections in where the ads of the modalities Paid to click & Paid to read are clicked also include a notice about of the detections of the use of robots/bots for to click ads.
Point 30 of the document of the group Terms (conditions of use) & Privacy policy.

November 15, 2018: The recopilation of data regarding to the preferences, ... of the members regarding to the project is being usefull and is for this that the admin request to you that choose (anonymously and without sending data/information to third parties) the option that express better what you think:
-i think that the project must be developed and be active as soon as possible, begining with a small charge of work (workload) for the admin/s and after activate more options of use.
-i think that the project must be the most complete that be possible and this is the most important in his development althought be needed more time for that the current phase be ended and the websites finally be activated.

September 25, 2018: Regarding to the matter of the Datapackages: finally will be possible purchase them along with various amounts of Purchase balance (in Surfingcrazy.info, Egypt-ptc.info and Whale-ptc.info), besides the operability of these websites of the group includes solutions of liquidity regarding to the acumulation of the different types of balances. Are you a member of this project from a country that not belong to the European Union and have you interest in the issue of the DATA PACKAGES? Consult this link: Regarding the DATA PACKAGES issue: goes per good way, the topics of the forum already not exist but not worry the project already have recopilated data about the interest of the members, ... ; if you want show your interest in the datapackages matter you can click the link (the members of this forum that not have activated the account will receive a email with the details of the oportunity of purchase datapackages for create user accounts in the websites of the group Pennyclicks.info and Offi-clik.info, the user accounts created will be part of the downline of the user account of the buyer of the datapackages that will can be purchased together with amount of Purchase balance (internal method of payment that functionate at the style of the cryptocurrencies) for can make automatic and instant purchase since the begining of the activity of the websites of the group. Information about the datapackages, parts of the document of the group Terms & Prviacy policy.

February 1, 2018: With almost all probability the start of the activity of the group of websites will be made without the Egypt-ptc.info Shop zone be activate to avoid the copy of its conditions of use and will be activated when the group of websites has a certain level of activity.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Copyright © Surfingcrazy.info group of websites (Clik-land.com).

 Advancing much: Admin contatc email: admin@surfingcrazy.info

Previous: The topics of the forum already not exist but not worry the project already have recopilated data about the interest of the members, ... .

IntroductionRegisteringLogging InProfilePostingPersonal MessageSearching

SMF is about community and communication. And there are many ways to communicate, such as posting to the boards, personal messaging, email, ICQ, AIM and YIM. But SMF's own personal message system, as available to registered members in most forums, is sometimes a more suitable option than any of these.

  1. Personal Messaging
    1. Description
    2. Reading Your Messages
  2. The PM Interface
    1. Starting or Replying to a Message

Personal Messaging


While email is a good way to correspond directly with members, it also has several drawbacks for forum purposes: you must open your email application to write and send the message, the recipient must open his/her email application and check his/her mail, your message will be mixed in with all the other mail and it can sometimes take several minutes to an hour for mail to reach the recipient.

As an alternative to email, SMF offers a faster, more private method. Personal messaging on the boards provides instantaneous delivery to the recipient's private mailbox. The mail is sent and received entirely through SMF, so neither you nor the recipient have to open another program or leave SMF. Personal messaging also offers both the sender and the recipient greater privacy because no-one's real email address is revealed. Personal messages show only the handle and name of both parties.

If a recipient isn't online, personal messages wait in the member's PM box until the next time he/she logs in and reads and/or deletes them. SMF Personal Messages is a self-contained, highly private email system.

Reading Your Messages

To read your personal messages, you need to be logged in, then follow the link that says something like 'Hey, [username], you have x messages, x are new'.

The PM Interface

The PM interface is similar in operation to that of the message index. While we are showing the inbox interface here, the outbox works in much the same way:

+  Forum Name
|- +  Personal Messages
| |- +  Inbox
New Message


  Date  Subject From
Date and time of message Message Subject Another Member
Pages: [1]

  • Some forums show the navigation tree at the top in a space-saving horizontal mode.
  • The main Delete button deletes all messages in your inbox (or outbox if open). Note that the checkbox and lower Delete button also allow you to delete selected messages, with the top checkbox selecting all.
  • The Outbox button toggles to your outbox, where it obviously becomes an Inbox button.
  • The New Message button enables you to start a new message, which is similar to starting a new topic but adds 'To:' and 'Bcc:' (blind carbon copy) fields and the option to save to your outbox.
  • The Reload button checks for new messages by refreshing the page.
  • The Date, Subject, and From links enable you to sort the columns by these parameters (with Date also toggling between descending and ascending order as indicated by the little arrow).
  • The main subject title links to the start of the message, which will be further down the same page.
  • The page numbers link to further pages of messages as applicable.

Starting or Replying to a Message

There are actually several different ways to start a new personal message, but all require you to be logged in:

  • You can follow the link that says something like 'Hey, [username], you have x messages, x are new', then click the New Message button in your inbox.
  • You can click another member's name, followed by Send this member a personal message from his/her profile summary screen.
  • You can start a new message direct by clicking the IM on/offline icon from the user info accompanying all of his/her posts.
  • You can start a new message direct by clicking the PM on/offline icon from the Current Status in his/her profile summary screen. (This icon/link is often duplicated in the user info described above.)
  • Replying to a message is very similar to replying to a topic.
IntroductionRegisteringLogging InProfilePostingPersonal MessageSearching

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