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September 20, 2017, 10:56:09 AM
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News: September 15, 2017: Revised again the affair of August 22, 2017: Once improved the communications between the websites of the group and their users the admin prefers that the first purchase of the initiating members of the project also will be approved manually for that be completed by the website and the user jointly (the point 18 of the privacy policy already are complete and include detailed information about the processing of the user purchases).

September 5, 2017: The Join/Register and Referrals sections of the websites Legalclik.com, Offi-clik.info and Pennyclicks.info have been adapted so that the creation of user accounts through data packages of members Pennyclicks.info/forum may be possible.
The examples of results in searchs already was obtained but still are pending other tasks.

August 30, 2017: Without connection with the project during the day of yesterday? Don´t worry, simply it was necessary delete some files for that not exist problems in the hosting account. The actions was made fast, the account was revised and reactivated again (not exist performance issues and not exist problems of security regarding automated data storage or transfer processes).

August 22, 2017:
- Included in the notice that appears in the sections Crazy-specials, Memberships and Store:
Regardless of the registration/access prohibitions that may exist: Except if you are a project initiating member (made your Register in the Pennyclicks.info/forum forum during the development phase and use as address of payment the same email that used in the register in the forum) your first order must be manually approved, all your future orders (from the same account of processor of payments) will be instant. REVISED AND COMPLETED ON SEPTEMBER 12, 2017.

Part of the Point 12 of the privacy policy: After of the initial phase of opening of the websites of the group: the price of the Welcome pack membership (available in Legalclik.com and Whale-ptc.info) will be increased or the amounts of credits that provides will be reduced.

August 17, 2017: Added in the point 27 of the privacy policy:
Privacidad de datos: Este sitio web nunca proporciona a terceras partes las direcciones de correo electrónico verificadas por los usuarios acompañadas de otra información o datos que puedan hacer posible la identificación del usuario.

August 18, 2017: By legal motives finally not will be possible the option of create the user accounts of friends/contacts in Legalclik.com and will be available the purchase of data packages for create the data bases of Legalclik.com, Offi-clik.info and Pennyclicks.info according with points 1 and 27 of the privacy policy.
The Join/Register section of the websites already is improved according with the laws of data privacy.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Copyright © Surfingcrazy.info group of websites (Clik-land.com).

 Advancing much: Admin contatc email: admin@surfingcrazy.info


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