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October 20, 2017, 07:26:50 PM
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News: September 7, 2017: I finally managed to improve the functionality of the Support/Contact button in Clik-land.com and Egipt-ptc.info (old script), <a href="http://clik-land.com/index.php?view=contact&sid"style="color:grey">clicking here</a> you can see it and if you want also can prove the Support/Contact button for see the type of notice that is generated.

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-Comply this initial sketch of our privacy policy (currently is being revised and improved according to the needs that have arisen during the development phase of the project, the part of functioning of the websites will be available only for users),
-This future operation (function) of the group of sites.

Thanks for make your register, this is that makes possible the development of this project.

Brief evolution over time:
- Each user will must verify his account data through an account of payment processor for avoid identification problems and for the site have enough information regarding each member for to enforce the terms of use, this probably will be done giving the welcome pack through a low cost membership.

- Welcome pack initiall idea (available for users: when the members of the project ... already made the join in website).

- This is not a group of websites that operate through labor relations with its members or that include political connotations or of social movements: is a group of websites that simply will provide online resources, ... to his users.

- The websites are being improved for that their users not need have a lot of knowledge about internet for to use the resources.

- Currently when the register in the project is made the member receives an email as advance of the Privacy policy of the group of websites: Points 2 and 21 (Privacy members/users), if the oldest members of this forum want receive this email only have that delete his account and open a new account (if not activates this new account also will receive a email with information and the links for make the join in the websites when be opened). The documents of the group of websites are the exclusive property of their domains, are used under the Copyright © and their distribution, copying or alteration not are authorized.
If not agree the contain of this points can delete his account any time.
                               ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Copyright © Surfingcrazy.info group of websites (Clik-land.com).

- The rest of the documents: Privacy policy/Functioning(terms of use), ... of the group of websites, is being completed (the documents are being written in Spanish and they have validity vs any type of translation); also includes the unique conditions of the zones of the websites that will be operatives initially ... a lot of tasks (still is needed some time). This document also includes the differences between our visitors, members, member/user, user/advertiser and advertiser.
-The current Shopping zone of Whale-ptc.info will be a very usefull showcase for that the users and advertisers can show his items availables (Sneakers, ... ) to the other users, visitors ... (inspired in msn).
                ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Copyright © Surfingcrazy.info group of websites (Clik-land.com).

- Though always seems an endless task, the development of this project advances with good pace:
The website that will provide the welcome pack will be Legalclik.com.
This forum will stay online for that the members/users can see who is online and so they can communicate with each other through internal message center of our websites.
Users of the websites of this group Surfingcrazy.info (Clik-land.com) will be able to make balance transfers between their accounts (from a website to another).
The initial prices and his rewards will be multiplied by 1.5.
Make the Join (includes details of acceptation) in the websites will provide a register bonus.

                ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Copyright © Surfingcrazy.info group of websites (Clik-land.com).

April 19, 2016:
In Spanish, original text:
Con respecto al desarrollo del proyecto y la actualidad (estoy avanzando mucho):
El siguiente texto forma parte de la sección: Relaciones en nuestros websites y responsabilidades (Terms:Funct. & P.policy) y del punto nº2 de nuestra Política de privacidad.
Nuestras websites emplean emails y Bots de notificación a los usuarios con respecto a la actividad de sus cuentas, a través de estos emails y Bots pueden informar con respecto a promociones internas, colaboradores o cualquier tipo de operación que resulte de interés para los usuarios que reciban este tipo de notificación (incluido el uso de pasarelas de pago para realizar compras). Nuestros usuarios pueden seleccionar la opción que prefieran con respecto a este tipo de asunto en la sección: Polls.
                           ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Copyright © Surfingcrazy.info group of websites (Clik-land.com).

Regarding the development of the project and the actuality (i'm advancing a lot of):
The following text is part of the section: Relationships on our websites and responsibilities (Terms:Funct. & P.policy) and the point 2 of our Privacy policy.
Our websites employ emails and Bots of notification to users with respect their account activity, through these emails and Bots can inform with respect to internal promotions, contributors or any type of operation that is of interest to users who receive this type of notification (includes the use of payment gateways for make purchases). Our users can select the option they prefer with respect to this type of matter in the section: Polls.
                               ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Copyright © Surfingcrazy.info group of websites (Clik-land.com).

ADDED IN THE JOIN/REGISTER OF THE WEBSITES SURFINGCRAZY.INFO GROUP OF SITES (It not intended to be and not will be a script clon version) REVISED AND CORRECTED ON MAY 10, 11 and 12, 2016:
Please take a moment and read our section Terms: P.policy because with the creation of your user account you agree that you declares: to be of age, that you has read, understands and accepts the content of this document, that the use of the section: Zone of our websites is performed through their own conditions of use, that you accepts the use of our cookies, that you accepts that this website can modify and update his content, services, documents ... without previous notice and that you will have access to the totality of the document Terms:Funct.&P.policy after of activate your user account (with the use of the account declares that you has read, understands, accepts and must to comply the document Terms: Funct. & P.policy); in the case of that you not agree with the totality of the document: Terms:Funct.&P.policy can delete or cancel your account in your Panel of user (within Personal details section) anytime.
When exist changes and updates in our Terms: Funct. & P.policy will be communicated by notification to the email that figures in the personal details of each user account or internal instant private message, the changes not will be applied retroactively.
                               ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Copyright © Surfingcrazy.info group of websites (Clik-land.com).

May 05, 2016 (revised and completed on May 06, 16 and 18, 2016):
THE LAUNCHING MEMBERSHIPS, availables in Surfingcrazy.info, Egypt-ptc.info and Whale-ptc.info, WILL BE YEARLY (EQUAL) BUT THEIR PRICES WILL BE THE INITIALS, THEIR DOWNLINE EARNINGS (not included Sign up bonuses) WILL BE THE 6% (% that is applied to the earnings area activity of the referrals) INSTEAD OF THE 3% AND THE REWARDS ALSO WILL BE THE INITIALS (ARE CONTAINED IN THE: Terms: Funct. & P.policy) + 3% BONUS/INCENTIVE:
-Bronze: 18.68 $ ,
-Silver: 36.83 $ (provides the double of resources that bronze) and
-Gold: 54.98 $ (provides the triple of resources that bronze). This prices include the tax rate and the fee of transaction processor.
Software revised on May 18, 2016: The premium users (with membership) also be rewarded (automatically) with the 4% of the net price paid (taxes not included) by their direct referrals (unlimited) in the purchases made through processors of payments. BESIDES THESE MEMBERSHIPS WILL PROVIDE THE TRIPLE OF THE INITIALS CREDITS IN F.AD AND BANNER.

Since March 11, 2016 did exist this clause: -The initial prices and his rewards will be multiplied by 1.5, but finally not will be applied.
In the paragraph: November 14, 2015 of this register you can consult the previous details about the prices (cliking in welcome pack, color orange).
                               ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Copyright © Surfingcrazy.info group of sites (Clik-land.com).

July 20, 2016:
For not make more extensive this agreetment (Above, in news, you can read a brief evolution of the project in previous):
The project is in his last phase: functionality, legal adaptation and study/choice of its legal form.
The improves of the websites are being finished and the result is very good.
The database continues to expand and the number of records awaiting links with which to perform the join in the websites will mark the starting point of prices and rewards (in all cases the prices, that figure in the agreement of register, will exist in one website of the group, as minimum, during a reasonable time for that the Join can be made in the website/s since the day in that the project members receive the email with the links for make it. After of that time: the prices will be updated to the current market price: prices and rewards).
The conditions of use of the Shop zone (Egypt-ptc.info) have been revised after of talk (few days ago) with the department of customs taxes in a city with a important port and the admin has checked that are very complete and competitive considering the casuistry that already exists in that type of sales.
This project has antimalware protection.
The current Shopping zone of Whale-ptc.info is inspired in msn.

Remember that in the activation email of this forum account you will receive an foretaste of the document Terms: Funct. & P.policy, is interesting that you read it.
Not is neccesary that you activate your account and so, when the websites be opened, you will receive an the email that will include the links for make the Join/s.

The users will be rewarded by the websites when informs to the admin regarding a gramatic error in their texts ...
Please don't hang sexual content (the account will be deleted).

October 2016:
Currencies: Surfingcrazy.info, Whale-ptc.info and Egypt-ptc.info will to use the dollar ($), Legalclik.com the euro (€) and Pennyclicks.info the pound sterling (£).

October 26, 2016:
-Recently i had a problem in Pennyclicks.info that will be replaced by Offi-clik.info as hybrid option. Will use as currency the Euro (Zone Offi-services in construction) and so will have availables internal transfers between his user accounts and the user accounts of Legalclik.com.
-The website that will use the British pound (GBP) is Whale-ptc.info that includes in the panel of user the option: add funds (purchase balance), Whale-ptc.info also contain the Shopping zone.
-Surfingcrazy.info and Egypt-ptc.info (Shop zone of the group of users) also include the option Add funds (purchase balance) and their users also will have availables internal transfers between their user accounts. The currency will be the dollar.
-The prices and rewards, in the websites of the group, will be calculated independently after of the tasks performed by the admin and the results obtained.

November 3, 2016: Problems solved (were little problems) in Pennyclicks.info: will use the sterling pound (GBP) as currency and will have availables internal transfers between his user accounts and the user accounts of Whale-ptc.info.  
November 7, 2016: The Pennyclicks.info problems were solved and thus will be the hybrid option of the group, the complement of Legalclik.com regarding to the internal transfers will be Offi-clik.info: in this two websites the cashout will be made through a membership.

November 14, 2016: The fiscal adaptation of the project is possible and satisfactory. The emails that the members already registered in the project will receive (as notice of the completion of the current phase ...) will include information that will indicate, to those who wish to make purchases: which web of the group to choose regarding the location and taxes of the user (examples: The purchases made in Offi-clik.info not include consumption tax (VAT) because the sales of the website is destined to users of countries of the European Union (except Spain) who are professionals or companies,
- The purchases made in Surfingcrazy.info not include consumption tax (VAT) because the sales of the website are destined to users of third countries (that not belong to the European Union); each website has his destine of sales).
- The purchases made in Legalclik.com include the consumption tax (VAT) in his final price because the sales of the website are destined to users of countries of the European Union that not are companies or professionals ...

November 18, 2016: Next step: the tax issue motivates that be restructured the initial idea of the welcome pack, the memberships ... (the solution will be included in the emails that will be send to the members already registered in the project, already exists a solution but still are pending of be ended various things previous). Between Legalclik.com and Offi-clik.info not is possible that exist internal transfers by the destination of the sales of this websites.

November 30, 2016: Included in the websites of the group:
The documents of the group (privacy policy, rules of use, ... ) and the functioning (indications of use in the different sections) are definitives and only are susceptible of to include changes for to be improved, when an error is detected or when exist a necessity (novelties).

December 09, 2016: For to avoid rumors: this project only belongs to Victor Alvarez.

Small novelties:
Part of the content of the point 1 of the privacy policy:
Please note that in all the websites of the group will there are two types of users:
- those who use the website and make the tasks of positioning for to get balance
- and those who also make purchases though the processors of payments (more information in the points 18 and 25 of the privacy policy).

Surfingcrazy.info includes software that allows it to create a list of countries whose users must be premium users (with membership) to perform Cashout (withdrawal).
His Cashout section will include this list of countries.

In all websites of the group will be possible make purchases in the Zones of the rest of websites (of the group) according with the destination of their sales and his taxation (discarted idea to avoid tax problems).

In Legalclik.com not will be available the section Converter (welcome pack issue).

Offi-clik.info probably also will have availables the memberships launching and not will be needed be a premium user (with membership) for to make Cashout (withdrawal).

January 04, 2017:
Included in the panel of the user account:
* Account navigation: each section works independently and some are related to each other.
* In the texts included in the software of this website, in the emails/notifications ... that in this website are originated exist small misspelling (his instead of its, per example), some phrases include a personal pronoun instead a impersonal pronoun, also can exist some error in a verbal tense or small similar errors. Although the context or the meaning of the phrase not varies Surfingcrazy.info thinks that you must know it (Victor Alvarez wrote the texts during the improvement of this website).
Inform to: admin (through of the Internal messaging center: instant message) regarding the existence and location of the spelling mistake will be rewarded with 200 credits of Featured Banner Ad: Rotation Views (230x200px).

January 09, 2017:
Targeting of the user accounts (Country/Location of user): Users who request it will be able to customize the targeting of their user account. It will be free for premium users and will be made through the purchase of a Crazy-special in the case of standard users.
For that a location of users (ads destination) appears in the Country List/Locations,  to which the ads can be directed (skew of targetings), must will have more than 100 users. This is important when the advertisers want that their website positioning tasks, etc. to be done by users of the same location, when the advertisers only want to direct their ads/advertising to certain locations ...

January 21, 2017:
The websites of the group do not share the improvements (©) made in their software by the project administrator: Víctor Alvarez, because their purpose is to improve its operation and therefore make unique the experiences of its users. After the opening of the websites of the group will study the feasibility of the hypothetical activity of the website Clik-land.com.

An hypothetical example of the functioning of the websites with respect to the consumption tax (VAT) already has been commented on November 14, 2016 but still not exist a definitive address for the future activity (the destination of the sales of each website will be communicated inside the protocol for the creation/activation of user accounts).

February 18, 2017:
Some more information:
Another of the objectives of the optimization of the websites of the group is the elimination of the doubts that, apparently, could arise with respect to the possibilities of that the websites could be damaged through the user accounts and to hypothetical detours to other servers that supposedly would work in background.

As for the facet of promoter: currently has no place in the project, a communication protocol is being developed to replace it.

The privacy policy and the functioning of the websites also advances satisfactorily with respect to the needs and concerns that exist today.

March 6, 2017: Is important that you know that: The websites and their forums not make any type of transformation in the communications that send and neither in the messages that can be send with their software for transform them in encrypted message, therefore the websites of the group and their forums complies with the laws in force. The websites and their forums will be encrypted by SSL certificated or similar protection.
Improves: process through which the sections and pages of the websites of the group will include the information and elements necessary so that when the users use them they obtain a high level of satisfaction.

March 8, 2017: The memberships section already has been improved also. Regarding the credits: The big number of registers in the project motivate that now the launching memberships include various benefits more: tickets for the contests section, a weekly bonus of featured ad credits and a monthly bonus of banner credits.

March 21, 2017: Part of the point 26 of the privacy policy (in Spanish, original text), revised on March 22:

Con respecto a las comunicaciones internas esta política de privacidad deja claro que:
Las comunicaciones non se realizan ni almacenan de manera cifrada.
Cuando usted utiliza los websites del grupo y sus foros es conocedor y por lo tanto acepta y consiente la existencia de la posibilidad de que sus comunicaciones personales puedan llegar a ser intervenidas por parte de los estados cuya legislación incluya este tipo de obligación de consentimiento sin que los websites del grupo puedan oponerse a ello. Este tipo de acción es llevada a cabo de manera ajena a los websites ya que los websites del grupo cuentan con las medidas de protección contra hackers ... que usted puede leer en la sección home de el o los websites en donde sea usuario. Los websites del grupo están alojados en una cuenta de hosting norteamericana y cada uno de ellos registra los datos de acceso a las cuentas de usuario y su actividad mediante el ip desde el que el usuario accede. El uso de los centros de mensajes privados internos y foros genera información que posibilita la identificación del usuario que genera actividad en el mismo.

March 24, 2017: Sales destination of each websites of the group: the organization of the websites according with the existing destinations for their sales is an issue that advances per good way and Whale-ptc.info (GBP), destined to users of third countries: that not belong to the European Union, also will provide to their user the welcome pack membership with the initial price.
Although still missing time for that all current tasks be ended is IMPORTANT THAT YOU KNOW THAT:
The first members of this forum that will receive the links for make their Join in the websites of the group will be the members with accounts not actives. The websites that will be availables, exclusively for this, will be Surfingcrazy.info, Whale-ptc.info and Egypt-ptc.info. Later this users will can make the Join of the rest of members of this forum, for that they receive the links of activation of their user accounts, buying packages that will provide the data of members that will be part of their downline (approximate minimum investment: 25$). This packages only will provide the necessary data for make this task and not will can be used with other objective.
In this way the group of websites will can have money for begin his activity and the members that choose this initial option already will have referrals for get earnings in their user accounts.

April 07, 2017: Part of the point 24 of the privacy policy (in Spanish, original text), revised on April 10:
Los websites del grupo Surfingcrazy.info (Clik-land.com) defienden el concepto de seguridad de marca y en consecuencia optan por no permitir:
- la colocación de anuncios con contenido xenófobo o que hagan apología del terrorismo
- el uso de los websites con la finalidad de propagar dichos contenidos
- la distribución (reenvío ...), copia o alteración de los correos electrónicos, notificaciones y mensajes instantáneos privados internos que los usuarios reciban procedentes de los websites del grupo o en su interior.
Además aquellos usuarios que avisen al admin del website a través de los botones Support/Contact (Subject: Brand safety) o Report (Reason: Brand safety) con respecto a la existencia de anuncios o usos cuya finalidad es la propagación de conductas o contenidos xenófobos o que hagan apología del terrorismo serán recompensados con 0.10 unidades monetarias del website en cuestión por cada anuncio o cuenta de usuario eliminados (el ingreso de la recompensa será realizado de manera que genere la anotación correspondiente en la actividad de la cuenta del usuario recompensado).

Important: the proposed made on January 09, 2017 not is possible, the Targeting (ads destinations) of the user accounts will works per countries.

April 24, 2017:
Destination of the sales of the websites of the group:
- Users of third countries (that not belong to the European Union): Surfingcrazy.info ($), Egypt-ptc.info ($), Whale-ptc.info (GBP: £), Pennyclicks.info (GBP: £) 0% of Vat
- Users of countries of the European Union (except Spain) who are professionals or companies: Offi-clik.info (€) 0% of Vat
- Users of countries of the European Union that not are companies or professionals: Legalclik.com (€) 21% of Vat
- Clik-land.com, Egipt-ptc.info: still not decided
- Luterione.info: not improved

Point 27 of the privacy policy (in Spanish, original text), revised (May 22, 2017):
Realización de tareas y contratación de servicios a terceros:
Este grupo de websites es consciente de la importancia que tiene la privacidad de los usuarios y anunciantes, además es conocedor de la necesidad existente con respecto a un tratamiento correcto de los datos que los miembros/usuarios y anunciantes proporcionan a los websites (bases de datos), es por este motivo por lo que su información de miembro/usuario solamente podrá ser facilitada (parcialmente) en el caso de que sea necesaria la realización de tareas por parte de los miembros/usuarios o encargar servicios a terceras partes: los datos que se facilitarán serán únicamente los imprescindibles para la realización de la tarea o servicio. En el caso de los miembros/usuarios las tareas se realizarán de acuerdo a las instrucciones/normas internas para su realización y en el caso de la externalización de servicios solo podrán optar a su realización aquellas personas o entidades que acepten cumplir medidas indemnizatorias (según el caso: al propietario del website/s, a los usuarios del website/s o a ambos) por incumplimiento del contrato mediante el cual el website/s encargue los servicios externos, también deberán aceptar responsabilidades por los daños que se pudieran producir en los websites y por la obtención de beneficios ajenos a los websites a través de el/los contrato/s existente/s entre las partes, si tales circunstancias se produjeran.

Revised the issue of the packages of data for make Joins and information about it:
The first members of this forum that will receive the links for make their Join in the websites of the group will be the members with accounts not actives.
The websites that will be availables, exclusively for this, will be Surfingcrazy.info, Whale-ptc.info and Egypt-ptc.info (in they only is possible to request Cashout from the same country in where the register/join of the user account was made, this is detected by the software of the website when Cashout requests are processed, when the user tries to Cashout from another country: the website generates a notice indicating to the user that must contact with the admin to clarify the reason of that request).
Later these users will can make the Join of the rest of members of this forum (in Legalclik.com, Offi-clik.info and Pennyclicks.info) buying packages that will provide the username and email of members that will be part of their downline once they activate their user account through the link that they will receive for this. Approximate minimum investment: 25$. Keep in mind that the members of this forum will can be user in all websites of the group but only will make purchases according the destination of the sales of the websites. This will be taken into account when the prices will be fixed.
The data not will can be used with other objective ... will exist rules of use.

April 27, 2107: Part of the content of point 16 of the privacy policy (apparently exist debates about it). In Spanish, original text:
Este grupo de websites no está en contra del uso de imágenes capturadas en lugares públicos ni de la exhibición de obras mostradas en lugares públicos ya que la finalidad o objetivo de su ubicación es conseguir que sean vistas. Es por el mismo motivo por el que los websites del grupo tampoco están en contra del uso de imágenes obtenidas a través de búsquedas en buscadores como google, bing u otros ya que su uso también tiene como objetivo el conseguir que sean visualizadas.

Los websites del grupo proporcionan, gratuitamente, a todos sus usuarios las herramientas de promoción que están disponibles en la sección de la cuenta de usuario: Tools for promote. El uso de los websites y foros del grupo está permitido desde cualquier tipo de dispositivo (recuerde que el único responsable del uso de la cuenta de usuario es el propio usuario).

May 20, 2017: The improves already are being reviewed and tested.
May 27, 2017: It seem that the number of registers has dropped significantly. Hi, this is the temporary situation of the project:
Currently the improves are being tested, is possible commented as examples:
- functioning of the websites: very good
- satisfaction of use: high
- overall rating: robust
- conditions of use of the Egypt-ptc.info shop zone: very good
- processing of purchases: very good.
Here is when this question is made: Then, when the opened of the websites?
for that the group of websites Surfingcrazy.info be opened (his reason of being, ultimate goal, is to be the professional or business activity of the admin) are needed two things mainly (already i am doing those improves):
- that the privacy policy be finished together with the improves in the websites that the privacy policy requires
- that the orders generated with the use of the section point store and the requests of the internal transfers (between the accounts of the same user in the websites of the group that use the same currency) be executed without that be needed that the statistics of user account be manipulated by a person. This i already was got and will appear included in the functioning of the different sections of the websites (information, indications and rules of use).
Once the websites of the group include this is when they will have a high value of security and competitiveness so that the loading phase of the databases of the websites can be realized.
Do not be discouraged, simply just make your register and wait (although they take time things always are made).

July 6, 2017: Fortunately already exist legislations and normatives that must be applied to the websites: the websites of the group and their documents are being adapted to these regulations. Is convenient that since now this forum only be used for the register in the project.

July 20, 2017: Included in the point 21, in the paragraph of the right of Opposition, the point 27 of the privacy policy.
July 21, 2017: For to avoid confusions: added in the point 25 of the privacy policy the phrase (in spanish, original text): Dentro del grupo de websites el concepto transferencia interna (internal transfer) contiene el resto de las posibilidades de uso del saldo de la cuenta de usuario, que proporciona el software de los websites.
Included the concept Know-how in the point 24 of the privacy policy: Copyrights (©) & brand safety concept.

July 29, 2017: About the integration of the project (original text, in Spanish). Privacy policy Point 22. DEVELOPMENT OF THE PROJECT, SECTION POLLS, CONCEPT BIG DATA AND PROTECTION OF CONSUMERS AND USERS: (Revised on July 31, 2017: For avoid sanctions the creation of the user accounts not will can be made previously to the open of the websites and the packages of data for to create the user accounts of other members of the pennyclicks.info/forum will be availables through the Crazy-specials when the websites already be open.)
El proyecto del grupo de websites ha sido desarrollado mediante el registro de los miembros impulsores del proyecto en el foro Pennyclicks.info/forum. Los websites del grupo incluyen esta política de privacidad y el functioning (indicaciones, instrucciones y reglas de uso) de sus secciones para que su uso esté regulado y por lo tanto también incluyan las mejoras necesarias en su operatividad que posibiliten que a través de ellos sea posible ejercer una actividad profesional o empresarial.
A través de la sección Polls (encuestas) cada website obtiene información facilitada, de manera voluntaria, por sus usuarios (eligiendo una opción en cada pregunta o consulta) con el objetivo de mejorar las experiencias, optimizar su configuración, saber que sección gusta más, ... . La sección Polls solamente genera la información o estadísticas que muestra y al igual que el resto de secciones no envía datos/información a terceras partes.
El concepto big data tiene cabida dentro del grupo de websites (incluyendo sus foros) ya que en dicho concepto se ubica el volumen de datos que los miembros y usuarios del grupo introducen en él y que como tal pueden ser manejados para mejorar las experiencias de los usuarios del grupo de websites. Los datos que forman el big data del grupo no son usados con el fin de personalizar los contenidos de publicidad que se muestra a los usuarios dentro de su cuenta, en los websites del grupo son los propios usuarios/anunciantes quienes configuran los anuncios y los destinos de los mismos.
El contenido de esta política de privacidad deja clara la manera en la que los datos de los miembros/usuarios del grupo pueden ser usados/tratados de acuerdo con las legislaciones vigentes.
Las diferencias que existen hoy en día en el equipamiento de los dispositivos hacen que algunos de ellos no lean partes del lenguaje que incluye el software del grupo de manera que, por ejemplo, pueden existir diferencias de visualización en los tamaños de letras, separaciones, ... .
La labor de desarrollo del proyecto por parte de Víctor Álvarez ha sido realizada con el objetivo previo de que la totalidad del contenido de los websites consiga hacer que su uso sea una experiencia completa, positiva, segura y confiable a la vez que se cumplen las legislaciones vigentes y sin olvidar los derechos básicos de los consumidores/usuarios. Es por este motivo por el que el software de los websites y foros ha sido testado por el propio desarrollador del proyecto durante varios años tras los cuales ha podido comprobar que su uso no genera ningún tipo de problema de salud o seguridad. Asimismo el grupo de websites ha sido desarrollado teniendo en cuenta la protección de los intereses económicos y sociales de sus consumidores/usuarios, huyendo de prácticas comerciales desleales e incluyendo claridad de funcionamiento en todo su contenido (incluidos sus artículos y documentos). Con respecto a indemnizaciones de daños y reparación de perjuicios esta política de privacidad deja claro a través de su contenido y de este punto en concreto que no existe dicha posibilidad ya que el uso del grupo de websites se realiza de manera voluntaria por parte de sus visitantes y usuarios después de haber sido testados; en el hipotético caso de que alguien crea o piense que el uso del grupo de websites (incluidos sus foros) es perjudicial para su salud simplemente debe dejar de usarlo. Todas las secciones de los websites proporcionan información sobre su funcionamiento e incluso algunas incluyen diferentes indicaciones, instrucciones y reglas de uso para facilitar el aprendizaje del usuario y el conocimiento sobre su adecuado uso, consumo y/o disfrute. El uso de los websites del grupo (incluyendo los foros habilitados para el uso de las cuentas que proporcionan las membresías launching) permite a sus miembros/usuarios modificar/actualizar sus datos siempre que quieran y hacer uso de los derechos de anulación, rectificación, cancelación y oposición tal y como se recoge en esta política de privacidad y de acuerdo con la ley. Este documento también informa de manera clara con respecto a las hipotéticas reclamaciones que se podrían originar.

August 4, 2017: Current situation: The final assembly of the project in the websites of the group is being somewhat complicated but the result is good again: the facet of promoter is good because after of some trainings (although with very few means, maybe it's time for a new helper) the form of the admin is good (against the clock & cyclocross), the functioning of the sections and the documents of the group of websites are effectives and legal and regarding the opinions:

Currently, exist opinions that defines to the websites of the group as: webs that will allow to their users make front to the new needs that arise online, because their software provide them:

* detailed explanations of the functioning in all sections of the website,
* capacity of manage his own ads and campaigns,
* capacity of reaction in search engines (visibility & positioning),
* communications instant and privates,
* capacity of generates balances,
* capacity of make different types of purchases,
* participation in internal games and contests,
* easy withdrawal of Balance,
* internal maneuverability in the user account for make changes of balances per items/products,
* capacity of manage the balances,
* a section with the details of the products purchased by the user (including the date detailed of the purchase: Month day, year / hour:minute:second)
* use of a own and specific privacy policy
* Advancing much for that you can enjoy them and check their particularities.

Surfingcrazy.info, Egypt-ptc.info, Whale-ptc.info, Pennyclicks.info, Legalclik.com, Offi-clik.info, Egipt-ptc.info, Luterione.info and Clik-land.com.

* Example of results: ...

                  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Copyright © Surfingcrazy.info group of websites (Clik-land.com).

Included in the privacy policy of the group of websites, in Spanish (original text):

Point 1. FILING:
El volumen de cuentas de los miembros (impulsores del proyecto) del foro Pennyclicks.info/forum podrá ser transformado en cuentas de usuario de los websites del grupo mediante la compra de paquetes de datos (de acuerdo con el punto 27 de esta política de privacidad) para que las cuentas que los usuarios compradores de datos creen formen parte de su downline (referidos). Los paquetes de datos y las instrucciones de uso están disponibles en la sección Crazy-specials. Los miembros del foro Pennyclicks.info/forum serán avisados por email con respecto a la puesta en marcha de los websites del grupo y de la posibilidad de la compra de los paquetes de datos para que su cuenta incluya downline (referidos). Posteriormente a la fase inicial de creación de las cuentas de usuario la creación de cuentas no será gratuita y por lo tanto los websites del grupo cobrarán por el uso de su software.

Point 17. ADS PRIVACY:
Desde el momento en el que las cuentas de usuario sean creadas a través de un pago previo y por lo tanto los websites del grupo cobren por el uso de su software: el uso de los ads credits solamente podrá ser realizado después de haber verificado una cuenta de procesador de pagos, de esta manera el grupo de websites y foros contarán con datos identificativos del usuario con respecto al cumplimiento del functioning (información, indicaciones y reglas de uso) de las secciones y de los documentos del grupo de websites y foros. La sección Join/Register de los websites del grupo informará detalladamente al respecto y los miembros del foro Pennyclicks.info/forum serán informados a través de email.

August 17, 2017: Added in the point 27 of the privacy policy:
Privacidad de datos: Este sitio web nunca proporciona a terceras partes las direcciones de correo electrónico verificadas por los usuarios acompañadas de otra información o datos que puedan hacer posible la identificación del usuario.

August 18, 2017: By legal motives finally not will be possible the option of create the user accounts of friends/contacts in Legalclik.com and will be available the purchase of data packages for create the data bases of Legalclik.com, Offi-clik.info and Pennyclicks.info according with points 1 and 27 of the privacy policy.
The Join/Register section of the websites already is improved according with the laws of data privacy.

August 22, 2017:
- Included in the notice that appears in the sections Crazy-specials, Memberships and Store:
Regardless of the registration/access prohibitions that may exist: Except if you are a project initiating member (made your Register in the Pennyclicks.info/forum forum during the development phase and use as address of payment the same email that used in the register in the forum) your first order must be manually approved, all your future orders (from the same account of processor of payments) will be instant. REVISED AND COMPLETED ON SEPTEMBER 12, 2017.

Part of the Point 12 of the privacy policy: After of the initial phase of opening of the websites of the group: the price of the Welcome pack membership (available in Legalclik.com and Whale-ptc.info) will be increased or the amounts of credits that provides will be reduced.

Since August 29, 2017 the hosting account make the backups automatically.

September 5, 2017: The Join/Register and Referrals sections of the websites Legalclik.com, Offi-clik.info and Pennyclicks.info have been adapted so that the creation of user accounts through data packages of members Pennyclicks.info/forum may be possible.

September 7, 2017: I finally managed to improve the functionality of the Support/Contact button in Clik-land.com and Egipt-ptc.info (old script), clicking here you can see it and if you want also can prove the Support/Contact button for see the type of notice that is generated.

September 15, 2017: Revised again the affair of August 22, 2017: Once improved the communications between the websites of the group and their users the admin prefers that the first purchase of the initiating members of the project also will be approved manually for that be completed by the website and the user jointly (the point 18 of the privacy policy already are complete and include detailed information about the processing of the user purchases).

October 19, 2017: Already is created and optimized, in the websites of the group, the operability that was needed regarding the concepts: internal transfer (between the accounts of the same user in the websites of the group that use the same currency) and manage your balances.  
Please note that the websites are been improved maintaining the original design of the initial script (although all sections are been improved if you know this type of site/website you not will have problem with the navigation: now all is more complete, clear, efficient, ... : current).

Ending the current phase and advancing much, kind regards
Your admin
Víctor Álvarez.

                                                                                    ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Copyright © Surfingcrazy.info group of websites (Clik-land.com).

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