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December 15, 2018, 04:38:26 AM
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News: November 30, 2018: Regarding to the affair of the datapackages: The members of this project know and accept/authorize that the users of Surfingcrazy.info, Egypt-ptc.info and Whale-ptc.info that buy datapackages can create accounts with the content of the datapackages (not are personal data) including a number in the membername that figures in the datapackage if such username already is in use.
In the Referral section of the websites Pennyclicks.info, Offi-clik.info and Legalclik.com (initially not will be activated) are included indications for know as to request that a user account that already exist be part of the downline of the user that bought the datapackage if would must be part of the downline of the user that bought the datapackage. Keep in mind that the website have tools for know if the request was made correctly or not and that the My warnings section of these websites also includes the corresponding motives of economic sanction and elimination of user account related with this affair.
Regarding problems with the dns of the websites of the group Legalclik.com and Egipt-ptc.info: already are being solved. The name that must have Legalclik.com is Stocks, advertising & traffic website (inside of the possibilities of activation that can have this website of the group still is needed correct this affair in the contents of the website).

November 29, 2018: The affair of the internal communications that the user can send to the website/admin regarding the Subjects included in the document of the group Terms (conditions of use) & Privacy policy (through the section Support/Contact of Pennyclicks.info) make that finally when the suggestions of the users generate the improve of the functioning of the websites of the group the user be rewarded as figures in the point 23 of such document (in Spanish, original text):
Si a través de una sugerencia, queja, ... se consigue mejorar el funcionamiento de los websites del grupo, el usuario que ha sugerido los cambios (a través de la sección Support/Contact de Pennyclicks.info) recibirá 5.000 puntos (Point store) de manera gratuita en la cuenta que el usuario use en Pennyclicks.info (con el mismo username que figura en el email recibido). Los puntos serán ingresados generando la correspondiente anotación en la actividad de la cuenta del usuario premiado y sin que las estadísticas de la cuenta sean manipuladas por personas (el usuario recibirá un mensaje privado interno informándole de que ha sido premiado por sus sugerencias).

November 28, 2018: Regarding the matter of October 26, 2018: The study of viability and risks of the functioning of the websites of the group makes that finally in Pennyclicks.info and Offi-clik.info not exist the possibility of be user from countries that are part of the European Union.
The European members of the project will must wait for that be activated one website of the group with the destination of sales: users of the European Union.

November 22, 2018: *Part of the point 14 of the document of the group Terms (conditions of use) & Privacy policy (in Spanish, original text): ... El contenido de los mensajes internos no es consultado/revisado ni examinado por los websites, excepto cuando a través de las herramientas internas que los usuarios del grupo de websites y foros tienen disponibles se tramita algún tipo de motivo de suspensión de acceso a la cuenta, sanción económica o eliminación de cuenta de usuario: en esos casos son consultadas las etiquetas de acción de los mensajes ya que cuando un usuario se queje de que otro le envía mensajes que no son de su agrado, ... para que la cuenta del usuario que envía las comunicaciones sea sancionada (a través de la sección My warnings) el website le exige al usuario que se queja que anteriormente a la solicitud de sanción deje de leer las comunicaciones que recibe procedentes del usuario del que se está quejando; de esta manera cuando existan mensajes que siguen siendo enviados y que no son leídos (en la cuenta del usuario que los envía las etiquetas de acción le indican que los mensajes no están siendo leídos) el website sancionará la cuenta del usuario que no cesa en su conducta ya que es evidente que está molestando al usuario que se queja; es por este tipo de asunto por lo que en los foros del grupo la sección Personal messages/My messages no estará activa ya que a través de ella no es posible ejecutar/hacer cumplir el contenido de este documento. Para que el funcionamiento de los websites del grupo y el contenido de los documentos del grupo (incluidas las pages/articles/documents de las secciones) pueda ser ejecutado (llevado a la práctica) de acuerdo con la legalidad el centro de mensajes internos de los websites del grupo no puede ser utilizado por los usuarios para enviar comunicaciones al website, todas las comunicaciones que el usuario quiera/necesite enviar al website tienen que ser enviadas a través de la sección Support/Contact del website y de acuerdo con el contenido de este documento. ... .

November 15, 2018: The recopilation of data regarding to the preferences, ... of the members regarding to the project is being usefull and is for this that the admin request to you that choose (anonymously and without sending data/information to third parties) the option that express better what you think:
-i think that the project must be developed and be active as soon as possible, begining with a small charge of work (workload) for the admin/s and after activate more options of use.
-i think that the project must be the most complete that be possible and this is the most important in his development althought be needed more time for that the current phase be ended and the websites finally be activated.

September 25, 2018: Regarding to the matter of the Datapackages: finally will be possible purchase them along with various amounts of Purchase balance (in Surfingcrazy.info, Egypt-ptc.info and Whale-ptc.info), besides the operability of these websites of the group includes solutions of liquidity regarding to the acumulation of the different types of balances. Are you a member of this project from a country that not belong to the European Union and have you interest in the issue of the DATA PACKAGES? Consult this link: Regarding the DATA PACKAGES issue: goes per good way, the topics of the forum already not exist but not worry the project already have recopilated data about the interest of the members, ... ; if you want show your interest in the datapackages matter you can click the link (the members of this forum that not have activated the account will receive a email with the details of the oportunity of purchase datapackages for create user accounts in the websites of the group Pennyclicks.info and Offi-clik.info, the user accounts created will be part of the downline of the user account of the buyer of the datapackages that will can be purchased together with amount of Purchase balance (internal method of payment that functionate at the style of the crypto currencies) for can make automatic and instant purchase since the begining of the activity of the websites of the group.

February 1, 2018: With almost all probability the start of the activity of the group of websites will be made without the Egypt-ptc.info Shop zone be activate to avoid the copy of its conditions of use and will be activated when the group of websites has a certain level of activity.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Copyright © Surfingcrazy.info group of websites (Clik-land.com).

 Advancing much: Admin contatc email: admin@surfingcrazy.info

Previous: The topics of the forum already not exist but not worry the project already have recopilated data about the interest of the members, ... .

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