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April 20, 2018, 08:24:14 PM
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News: April 14, 2018: Updates in the privacy policy of the group:
The point 21 already has been updated regarding the actualitations of the privacy laws although the advance of the privacy policy that the forum sends does not include this update.
The point 11 also has been updated regarding the matter of the problem of the fake news and his new title is: Not spam, lies and fake news.

April 11, 2018: In this last days the admin had access (through a journal) to the most important content of the new adaptation of the privacy of data laws (will be applicated since the next month of june aprox.) that some countries are finishing and the point 21 of the privacy policy of the group already is being adapted regarding to the content of the new adaptation of the laws for that when all be ready in the first websites of the group that will be opened this issue also is included. Besides for avoid possible problems regarding semantic issues some words must be changed in the text of the points of the privacy policy.

If you are worry with the problems that currently exist in other platforms and social media and want know as affect to this project read the content of this topic (in spanish: original text). Regarding this issue (March 28, 2018), part of the point 17 of the privacy policy of the group (in spanish: original text):
Como comprobará en el texto de este punto de la política de privacidad del grupo existen medidas para prevenir los problemas que pudieran existir con los contenidos que podrían ser mostrados a través de la interfaz externa de los websites (y en su caso del foro/s). Con dicho objetivo todos los anuncios que los usuarios creen para que estén visibles a través de ella deben ser aprobados previamente por el admin del website antes de que se le asignen créditos por primera vez. Además la creación de anuncios de las modalidades: Banner Ad, Featured Banner Ad, Featured Ad and Featured Link Ad que no sean aprobados es causa de sanción económica cuya cuantía será descontada de las estadísticas de la cuenta de usuario (balance) sin que la cuenta sea manipulada (por personas) y generando la correspondiente anotación en la actividad de la cuenta de usuario, tenga en cuenta que el saldo de la cuenta de usuario puede ser negativo. En el caso de los contenidos que se muestran en el interior de los websites los usuarios disponen de las herramientas internas que incluyen y las que les proporciona este documento para expresarse con respecto a la necesidad de eliminar anuncios, ... (cosa que también pueden realizar con respecto a los anuncios mostrados en la interfaz externa de los websites del grupo tal y como consta en punto 23 de esta política de privacidad).

March 20, 2018: For a correct functioning according with the privacy policy of the group both in their forums as in their websites not is possible modify the username of the account.

The websites of the group are exempt from risks by to charge with credit cards (PCI compliance) since users will pay for their purchases through the payment processors availables and the internal payment method Purchase balance, which works in the style of the crypto currencies, whose balance also was purchased previously through said processors.

March 13, 2018: Important relationated content with the privacy policy of the group of websites and forums (the internal method of payment Purchase balance that include Surfingcrazy.info, Egypt-ptc.info and Whale-ptc.info functionates with real currencies and provide a instantly discount before of make the payment): http://www.addthis.com/academy/what-marketers-should-know-about-cryptocurrency/  This project go per good way.
Now the number of members registered make needed that the websites have the capacity of that exist various admin and that not be possible that through the admin panel of the websites can exist any type of negligency that manipulate the user accounts: already i am with this issue and also walks per good way.

March 3, 2018: Part of the point 12 of the privacy policy: The use that the users can make of the announcement modalities available on the websites of the group fall within the concepts denominated through of the acronyms:
- SMO (they provide the ability to perform functions similar to those of a community manager)
- SMM (traffic generation in search engines) and
- Digital Marketing (use and combination of marketing strategies in digital media through electronic devices that allow visitors and members/users to interact with each other).

Regarding the data packages issue: goes per good way.

February 1, 2018: With almost all probability the start of the activity of the group of websites will be made without the Egypt-ptc.info Shop zone be activate to avoid the copy of its conditions of use and will be activated when the group of websites has a certain level of activity.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Copyright © Surfingcrazy.info group of websites (Clik-land.com).

 Advancing much: Admin contatc email: admin@surfingcrazy.info


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