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June 12, 2018: Part of the point 2 of the document of the group: Terms (coditions of use) & Privacy policy:
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- que dichas comunicaciones se realizan a través de (no con respecto a) los datos que figuran en la sección Personal details de la cuenta de usuario en los websites y de la sección Profile en los foros
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June 12, 2018: Included in the welcome email of the register in the project:
Have into account that: When an account is created this forum generates an automatic communication for that the account be activated. This type of communication (that is possible that be received by the members for remember to them that are registered in the project) not is generated regarding personal data of the member.
The accounts that was activated have available his elimination in the section Profile.

June 11, 2018: Added (only for users of, in the point 28 of the document of the group: Terms (conditions of use) & Privacy policy; suppressed: available for users of the websites which sales are destined to third countries.
June 2, 2018: New name of point 2 of the document of the group: Terms (conditions of use) & Privacy policy:
Point 2: Personal details (privacy data).

May 28, 2018: This is something that you must know previously to the begin of the activity of the group.
Part of the point 19 of the document of the group: Terms (conditions of use) & Privacy policy (in spanish, original text):
... Los usuarios premium de,, y pueden vender sus topics (junto con su posicionamiento), ... sabiendo que el nuevo usuario que gestionará la cuenta del foro tendrá que tener el password de acceso a la cuenta del foro que incluye el topic/s, ... para poder ser el único que modifique su contenido, actualice su título, cambie la contraseña de la cuenta, ... .
Tenga en cuenta que el grupo de websites y foros no media entre los usuarios y no forma parte en las disputas o procedimientos que entre los usuarios pudieran surgir, simplemente permite que los usuarios de los websites del grupo den valor a los topics del foro (foro inicialmente habilitado para hacer uso de las membresías de los websites del grupo) y les proporciona herramientas para que puedan convertir ese valor en realidad según lo que acuerden entre ellos y sin que medien terceras partes, interesadas o no.
La manera en la que el grupo de websites y foros ( permite dichas transacciones entre usuarios a través de este documento es la siguiente: ... .

Regarding to the matter of the march 20, 2018 (included in spanish, original text, in the point 6 of the document of the group: Terms (conditions of use) & Privacy policy): In the websites and forums of the group: once the member/user account already was created not is posible change the username (excepting the username of the accounts of the forum/s available/s for make use of the memberships: point 19 of the privacy policy of the group).

May 21, 2018: Having in to account the current estimations about the admin/s tasks is possible that have to wait for be opened in a future and that initially be opened:,,, and (Thus not will exist internal transfers between and
The initial price of the data packages is being calculated taking into account this circumstance (have you interest in the issue of the DATA PACKAGES? Consult this link: Regarding the DATA PACKAGES issue: goes per good way.

February 1, 2018: With almost all probability the start of the activity of the group of websites will be made without the Shop zone be activate to avoid the copy of its conditions of use and will be activated when the group of websites has a certain level of activity.

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December 11, 2015: The initial prices already was calculated and also are being reviewed for know that are included all expenses to which the site should deal, the increases that will exist in the initial prices also will increase their corresponding rewards.
Click here or in the image for know more about details of discounts, etc.:

Also is important that you know:

ABOUT OUR WELCOME PACK: finally the example of use, etc (point 7) will be sent through an internal message (I.messages) and when exist updates in the example of use a new internal message will be sent by way of our newsletter of the upgrade members. In the case of special (point 3) is likely that the selected site be because don't have anti session hijacking protection and in this welcome pack option will be sent only the initial the example of use, etc by internal message.: The project already it is being implemented but for the moment not is available make the reservation of the Launching memberships and the Special. will have his own welcome pack.

Here you can read various things that go to help you to understand the answer to this question: What are offering to you this welcome pack?

Free time optimization, provisioning of online resources and cost savings: launching memberships + privacy policy + function of the group of sites ( 2015/16: given the results that the admin is obtaining with respect to positioning through the use of the sites in the time testing, Is necessary be clear that the price of the ad packages will increase for several reasons and it is also necessary to make clear that the size of the welcome pack and the results that this will provide can not be considered as unfair competition because it is a way to reward members that have been recorded in the project for to boost his development. It is evident that the price of these memberships launching may seem very low for connoisseurs of the web positioning and their prices and this is why also is necessary say that the main reason for these prices is to provide online resources  to all members regardless of their country's per capita income. Are reminded all members that this is not a project with pyramid schemes and that between sites and its members don't exists any employment relationship, it is simply a group of sites that gives online resource to his members and aims to supply products and services to his members through his operation as a group. Primarily it is intended for members who wish to position their websites, make personal brand, communication between members, advertise, optimize their free time...
      ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Copyright © group of sites (

The admin understand as a site viable, in initial way, a site that offers its members the possibility of having:
- Sufficient credits to position their websites, topics, blogs, etc (the content that each member deems appropriate to carry out its advertising campaign, promotion, personal branding, etc.) obtaining results in searches.
- The ability to create links with content to positioning and that can include text, images, links, detours, etc and even payment gateways.
- Sufficient time for that the task does not subtract time in the daily lives of each member and can thus be part of free time, as first time available. The time that the welcome pack is available should also enable learning to optimize advertising campaigns, positioning, etc. (regardless of prior knowledge of each type of member) and the operation of the entire site and resources It offers.
- Software to create groups of friends, circles, etc.
- Software for private and instantly communication between friends, members, ...
- The possibility of recovering part of the money invested through of the own site.
- Specific zone of differentiation;
at the same time that the site evolves with respect to the host, development his software and finally getting the full function of the group of sites.
To make this possible and for legal motives the welcome pack will be delivered through a low cost annual membership, the other option will be a special.
                        ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Copyright © group of sites (

Although our group of sites represents a unique business model, are part of an existing market. It is for this reason and because and are sites Site Approved because so that, in principle, we will take as a reference of market the prices


Aunque nuestro grupo de sitios representa un modelo de negocio único, somos parte de un mercado ya existente. Es por este motivo y porque y son sitios Site Approved por lo que, en principio, tomaremos como referencia de mercado los precios
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