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July 17, 2024. 20:36:42
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News: ***************Another way to register in the project: Currently through this forum (Offi-clik.info) also is possible make the register in the project (was activated because the size of Pennyclicks.info/forum already is very big).

Know that although is something that is understand as logic, is important have clear that as in all development phases of projects in creation: the functioning, configurations, ... are updated/modified each time that is detected something that impedes the final functioning of the rest of things and the same occurs with the content of the document, of the group, Terms (conditions of use) & Privacy policy and the rest of pages/articles/documents of the websites of the group although as their content guides the project´s development in its case usually the things are completed.

April 4, 2024: Hard beginning of year but very positive. The final structuring and functioning (of the group's websites) that are being achieved are better than expected.

February 6, 2024: The Pennyclicks.info database was recovered and some accounts must be created again (members that created account yesterday): sorry by the annoyance.

January 10, 2024: Finally, it is not necessary to suppress the use of the ad modalities: Featured link and Popup. Additionally, in the group's websites it will be possible to verify (in all cases and ad modalities): which user account showed the ad [usually during the complains processing regarding the ad's content, through the admin tasks of the Subject (Websitename) Inappropriate ad (Report ad or Official fax)].

Happy new year 2024.

November 28, 2023: Text that appears (in the group´s websites) before of paying the purchase: Recommendation of use & caveat: although the purchase will be identified through several data (mainly through its number of website sale) that appear in the user account section My orders (an in the corresponding admin panel section), for avoiding confusions of use is important don´t make various puchases with the same Order Id. When the purchase already was made please don´t move back to this step for making the same purchase again!; although so the purchases would be faster and each one will have its number (each website of the group have its sales serie distinguished with the corresponding year and serial letter/s), you must keep in mind the existence of the motive of economic sanction related with the internal expedients requested by the users regarding purchases made with the same Order id (My warnings section´s content).

September 22, 2023: The Pennyclicks.info database was recovered and some accounts must be created again: sorry by the annoyance.

Recent advances in the lower part of the Register section.

Regarding this (result that appears mainly in Google searchs):
https://website.informer.com/Victor+Alvarez.html ,
obviously some data included are lie/fake (email address and domains of this project asociated to such company).

February 15, 2023: Yesterday the Offi-clik.info´s database was recovered and some accounts must be created again: sorry by the annoyance.
Yesterday´s improvements will be made again, today.

November 7, 2022: The text of the email that the forums of the group can send to their inactived accounts will be a long text for that the project member knows previously, through such text, if be user in the websites of the group is of his/her liking or not.

November 4, 2022: Regarding the californian data privacy law (Cpra): is evident that its content not request that the register in the project be closed because for the moment, the project, not is a (for profit) company doing business.
Revised and this is the conclusion get:
Aunque el proyecto no recopila el domicilio de las cuentas de miembro, la información que introducen los miembros en las cuentas no pasa por ningún proceso a través del cual se pueda comprobar su veracidad, ser miembro en el proyecto no significa ser consumidor en el mismo y en la actualidad existen diversas maneras de enmascarar la dirección Ip desde la que se accede a internet: la manera más eficiente de respetar el contenido de dicha ley californiana de privacidad de datos es dar por concluida la fase de registro en el proyecto para que cuando se inicie la actividad de los websites/grupo sea posible aplicar el contenido del punto 21 del documento del grupo: Terms (conditions of use) & Privacy policy ya que en él figura la manera en la que los límites establecidos por dicha ley van a ser respetados dentro del funcionamiento de los websites del grupo. Como supongo que ya sabe los foros del grupo cuentan con la posibilidad de enviar emails a las cuentas no activadas para informar con respecto al inicio de la actividad de los websites/grupo, ... (sin que dicho envío se realice con respecto a datos personales de la cuenta de miembro). A través de las interfaces de mantenimiento de los websites del grupo se podrá seguir la fase final del desarrollo del proyecto.

October 21, 2022: Currently the main objective of the project is: achieve make possible to comply the requests/orders that could be received from official organisms of countries whose law includes the possibility of to request/order the elimination (in the websites of the group) of some type of content because is prohibited in their territory. I think that this affair is very important for the advertisers users, because for solved it also is needed solve various things that affects to the viability of the user account´s uses (although is a complicate affair that affects to a great part of the main functioning of the websites already I am finishing the improvements and adaptations needed for that the functioning of the websites of the group includes a feasible solution for it). So, for the moment and although still is needed more time for finish the development phase, is possible be optimistic regarding to the question of if finally the functioning of the group of websites (and forums) will be possible. Know also that the document of the group: Terms (conditions of use) & Privacy policy has a very extensive size that is complemented by the texts included in the different sections of the websites for that with a reading be possible begin to use them.

May 26, 2022: Finally the functioning of the group will be adapted for not overcome the limits established by the Californian privacy data law (CPRA): the functioning of the group of websites and forums finally will be based regarding premium user accounts (with membership) and not will overcome the limit of to share information/data of 99.999 californian users/homes per year. (Added the word: californian, on June 13, 2022).
Initially the websites of the group that will be part of the functioning of the group will be: Surfingcrazy.info, Egypt-ptc.info, Whale-ptc.info, Pennyclicks.info and Offi-clik.info, therefore the other websites of the group initially are out of such functioning.

May 19, 2022: Although now i preffer not comment things about the current development phase of the project, (making an exception) you can know that: The steps of realization of each change/behest using the functioning of the point store section, of the websites of the group, already include the corresponding indications of use that begin with the following text [according with the content of the document of the group: Terms (conditions of use) & Privacy policy]:
Regarding the existences, the possibility of that be made a great quantity of changes/behests in a short period of time and other possible cases: ... .

March 30, 2022: Each website of the group already includes 2160 bonuses that will make possible (in the websites that be activated) that the use of the ad modality Traffic exchange ads have all resources that need for that can to be used by the users being possible to receive rewards by all clicks made [the page/article/document of the group included in the section As get rewards (of the panel of user account) contents indications of use regarding this affair]. Know else that such page/article/document includes this phrase (in spanish, original text):
En Pennyclicks.info (£) el saldo que generan los tipos de anuncios ya mencionados es la cantidad detallada [para el caso de Whale-ptc.info (£)] multiplicada por 1.5, en Surfingcrazy.info ($) y Egypt-ptc.info ($) esa cantidad es multiplicada por 2 y en Offi-clik.info ($) por 3. Como norma general en Surfingcrazy.info la duración de los anuncios es un segundo menos que en el resto de websites del grupo.
Besides, as is logic, also was made multiple improves for to get that the functioning of the websites of the group be more efficient from the point of view of the users that also go to be advertisers and for to improve their experience of use.
Other thing that perhaps be interesant that the members of the project know is that in the websites of the group Surfingcrazy.info, Egypt-ptc.info and Pennyclicks.info will appears (in the page/article/document: As to write internal messages including links, images, ...) the images that will can to be included in the internal private instant messages of this websites of the group (appears the image along to the filename and are a total of 339 png files and 10 gif files). Is important that as user you know that, although is possible that the use of the internal message center of the website be usefull for you, is a messaging sistem some primitive that although works adequately when exist line breaks includes the letters: rn as starting of the following paragraph.

June 23, 2021: Estos últimos días los he pasado recordando a la persona que fue mi compañera de desarrollo del proyecto ya que el paso del tiempo puso fin a la increíble aventura que supuso compartir con ella estos últimos años que aunque fueron duros y requirieron de una gran dedicación a ella también fueron los años en los que fue surgiendo el enfoque final del proyecto, que en cierta medida ella conoció, que a veces juntos fuimos encontrando y que ahora solo falta acabar de hacer realidad. A ella le gustaría decirme: tira (refiriéndose a que tenga constancia para conseguir terminar el desarrollo del proyecto al que ya he dedicado tantas horas), y yo quiero seguir enviándole desde aquí parte de la admiración que siempre sentiré hacia ella.

When this function be finished this forum will be again one of the forums of the group whose function is make possible the use of the resources that provide the memberships of the websites of the group. The member accounts of this project created through this forum can be deleted by the member until this function of the forum ends, after simply will be stored (according to the privacy rights) in a database that makes possible that the members that are part of it have the possibility of receive communications from the project because this forum only will use by the premium users of the websites of the group whose membership allows it.
April, 2021: For that the current data privacy laws be complied by this forum of the project: finally not will exist a database of this forum for that the group send emails to the members, ...; the database that will be used for send communications and/or the creation of user accounts simply will be the database of the forum that inlcudes the existing accounts in each date in which the emails be sent and/or the creation of the accounts be made. Of this way the forum will follow active for get registers in the project and the members will can update/modify or deleted the account, through the Profile section.
Although the development of the project starting from the initial scheme became an immense task and the adaptation of the project to the current data privacy laws, ... makes that finally some things can not be as were thought initially: the websites of the group will have a clear structuring as a group of websites and forums.

Is important say that the project is being develptment knowing that is possible count with Ayman.

Regarding to the text of November 23, 2020: The Point store section of the websites of the group: Surfingcrazy.info, Egypt-ptc.info and Whale-ptc.info already was adapted for that it can be used through the internal units of Purchase balance of the user account, at the style of the cryptocurrencies and respecting/according the figure of the user account´s Upline/Referrer. The prices of the items/products will be established in accordance with the price/equivalence of the internal units of Purchase balance in force in each period of validity.

Stay in the forum with the objective of that other people not get make the register will cause the elimination of the member account of the project that, for example, increases the pages viewed with this objective.

        ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Copyright © Pennyclicks.info forum [part of Surfingcrazy.info (group of websites and forums, Clik-land.com)]

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IMPORTANT: Know that as is logic in the forums of the group will be applied the content of the document of the group: Terms (conditions of use) & Privacy policy and specially his point 19, besides the configuration and adaptations of the forums are being made according with such document.

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